2023: A Year In Review

2023: A Year In Review

Blast Team

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The year of Blast: let’s take a detailed look at the timeline of 2023, the fullest and most rewarding year in the history of Blast so far.

Undoubtedly, 2023 has been the most eventful and significant year in the history of Blast. From Mainnet release to the launch of the Builder APIs, countless new networks integrated and new upgrades added, we really can’t name them all in one list!

So, let’s take a deep dive into the tumultuous year that 2023 was for Blast and how this year projected us as one of the leading platforms in the Web3 infrastructure space!

2023 could easily be dubbed the year of Blast. Our infrastructure platform transitioned to its first decentralization phase with the Mainnet launch at the beginning of the year, with the deployment of the Blast Protocol on Avalanche happening on February 28th.

Following the token release of $INFRA at the beginning of summer, Blast joined forces with Forta Network, adding the Forta Scanner Plan within Blast API. Moreover, Covalent’s Unified API has also been made available for builders within the Blast marketplace.

A new and revamped Dashboard was released and made available to Blast users. By the end of summer, The Blast Delegation Program was kicked off, as a means of showing our appreciation for our Node Operators within the platform.

The Blast Ecosystem Fund has also been established during 2023, to further refine the Blast protocol. The fund maintains a balance of $INFRA tokens and stablecoins, in equal 50-50 ratios. 

The Blast Referral Program has been launched this year. Users can now both promote Blast and earn up to 25% of all revenue generated through referrals! Developers can now also access Blast through the new Pay As You Go subscription plan! 

One of the most exciting updates for Blast was the launch of the Blast Builder API. Builder APIs offer a robust set of API endpoints, designed to offer access to detailed and well-structured blockchain data. These APIs simplify the developer experience by eliminating the need to tackle the challenges of data indexing and aggregation. They collate data to cater to different requirements, ensuring easy access to blockchain data. 

By the end of the year, Blast was the recipient of a 4 year development grant from the Starknet Foundation to increase support for Starknet within the platform. Starknet builders can now enjoy an increased throughput of 100 requests/second on the public API as well as support for Starknet within the Builder API solution.

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2024 and All That’s Next

One thing is for certain, 2023 was a lot. A lot to do, a lot to fix, a lot to invent, a lot to be happy about, a lot to stress over. 2023 was a lot. As challenging as it may sound however, this year has not only been rewarding, but also proof that hard work and dedication will always pay off, sooner rather than later.

This lot of feelings and experiences wouldn’t have been manageable and bearable however without the sense that an entire team has your back every step along the way. Thus we want to thank the entire Bware Labs team for pushing the vision forward and helping the project achieve its current status as a leading actor in the Web3 infrastructure space. 

As for what’s next? Blast is set to broaden its chain offering and enhance its capabilities, paving the way for a new, advanced approach to blockchain access and data provisioning. Ranging from an updated payment system to improved routing and greater decentralization, Blast aims to set a new standard for blockchain access in 2024. Meanwhile, Bware Labs remains committed to increasing blockchain ecosystem adoption as part of its collaboration with the most relevant blockchains in the industry, contributing significantly to the mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies.

Happy New Year from the Blast team!

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