Introducing Blast Builder APIs: Revolutionizing Blockchain Access

Introducing Blast Builder APIs: Revolutionizing Blockchain Access

Blast Team

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Blast is thrilled to announce its latest release: Blast Builder API. This represents a new phase in Blast’s growth and development by providing users with easy access to indexed historical data on top of our premium RPC endpoints.

Unlike traditional APIs, Blast Builder APIs make use of big data technology along with an innovative proprietary cloud infrastructure to bring about a new age of blockchain data availability for Web3 builders. Even more exciting, it is an integrated part of Blast, and it will not require any new subscriptions or extra payment.

Builder APIs are currently available for Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum and Base and will be extended to most of the blockchains integrated in Blast.

What are Builder APIs?

Builder APIs are a suite of powerful API endpoints providing access to more comprehensive and better structured blockchain data. This means that developers no longer need to struggle with the complexities of data indexing and aggregation, as Builder APIs aggregate data for various use cases. By structuring blockchain data and offering sophisticated data modeling capabilities, these APIs empower developers to effortlessly query vast amounts of historical blockchain data.

Benefits of Blast Builder APIs

Faster Development: Builder APIs aggregate data for developers, eliminating the need for manual data indexing and aggregation. This acceleration in development time ensures quicker project completion and deployment.

Structured Blockchain Data: Say goodbye to unwieldy, disorganized data. Builder APIs provide structured and relevant blockchain information, ensuring that developers work with clean, manageable data sets.

Efficient Data Modeling: With Builder APIs, developers can dive into intricate data modeling without the complexity. The APIs simplify the process, allowing developers to focus on building innovative applications.

Comprehensive Documentation: Blast is committed to providing developers with comprehensive documentation and examples for every query. With this in mind, all Blast users will have access to in-place documentation with sandbox functionality to test all methods and code examples, making it a truly developer-centric experience.

Simplified Historical Data Access: Blockchain builders will be able to eliminate the challenges of querying vast amounts of historical data by having access to unlimited ranges for querying blockchain logs, wallet activity history, detailed transaction history, and many other perks.

Advanced monitoring: Giving users access to a detailed overview of their usage, including statistics of each method call, rate limits, errors, and many others.

How to Access Builder APIs on Blast 

Getting started with Blast’s Builder APIs is as intuitive as it gets. Simply go to the Blast API homepage and select “Consumer App”. Log in with your wallet and add a project to your dashboard (or choose a project that was previously set up).

Upon selecting your project, you’ll find two tabs: Core API and Builder API. Click on the Builder API tab, where you can choose any of the 4 networks available (Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base). Once the Builder API is activated, you’ll be directed to the playground – your gateway to a world of structured and relevant blockchain testing.

In the playground, you’ll discover four categories: Transaction API, Token API, Wallet API and Logs. Within each category, you can select your desired API, set query parameters, preview the cURL bash command, and even send requests and consult the generated response. 

The Builder APIs empower builders to explore blockchain data effortlessly, making their development journey smoother and more efficient. By incorporating this technology into our platform, Blast aims to facilitate a seamless, efficient, and empowering experience for developers and businesses alike.

Join us in embracing the future of blockchain access! Build on!

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