Use Blast API to unlock the potential of Aptos

Blast empowers developers on Aptos with efficient API tools, streamlining the creation of scalable and secure dApps.

Benefits of Aptos

About Aptos

Aptos is a novel blockchain platform that stands out in the Web3 space with its promise of delivering unparalleled scalability, reliability, and usability. The foundational concept of Aptos revolves around the creation of a more accessible and user-friendly blockchain, addressing key issues such as scalability, interoperability, and security, which have been persistent challenges in the blockchain ecosystem.

Central to Aptos' innovation is the use of the Move programming language, designed for safety and flexibility. Move introduces a modular approach to smart contract development, enhancing security and facilitating the creation of complex, yet reliable decentralized applications. This programming language is a significant leap forward, offering developers a robust framework for building sophisticated dApps that prioritize user safety and smart contract reliability.

Aptos' architecture is crafted with a keen focus on scalability and speed, employing a novel consensus protocol that optimizes transaction throughput while ensuring high levels of security and decentralization. This approach enables the network to handle a large number of transactions efficiently, making it an ideal platform for high-frequency trading, complex DeFi applications, and large-scale dApp deployments.

One of the key attractions for developers in the Aptos ecosystem is its commitment to providing a seamless development experience. The platform offers comprehensive tools and resources, enabling developers to easily onboard and start building on the network. With its forward-thinking design and developer-centric tools, Aptos is positioned as a blockchain platform that not only solves existing problems but also anticipates future needs and challenges in the blockchain space.

Blast's integration with Aptos chain magnifies these capabilities by providing developers with high-quality, reliable API services. These APIs simplify interactions with the Aptos network, allowing developers to focus on building innovative applications without worrying about underlying infrastructure challenges. With Blast's support, developers on Aptos can unlock new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of decentralized applications.

Free Public API for Aptos

Aptos Mainnet serves as the primary blockchain layer for executing transactions and running decentralized applications, focusing on enhanced scalability and security features for developers.






Get the latest ledger information, including data such as chain ID, role type, ledger versions, epoch, etc.

/v1 response

Get the latest ledger information, including data such as chain ID, role type, ledger versions, epoch, etc.


Chain ID of the current chain


Current epoch of the chain


Current ledger version of the chain


Oldest non-pruned ledger version of the chain


Current timestamp of the chain


Git hash of the build of the API endpoint. Can be used to determine the exact software version used by the API endpoint


curl -X GET https://aptos-mainnet.public.blastapi.io/v1 \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
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Blast Features for Aptos Developers

Core API

Blast custom APIs offer optimized throughput and reduced latency for transactions on Aptos and enable access to real-time data, transaction history and network status.

Included with all plans

Archive Nodes

These nodes retain all historical transaction information on the Aptos blockchain from the genesis block to the present, enabling users to query and retrieve any past information. The Archive Nodes feature is enabled starting with the Developer plan.

Included with Developer, Startup, Enterprise & Pay As You Go plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Aptos unique for dApp development?

Aptos' use of the Move language and novel consensus protocol offers unmatched security, scalability, and efficiency in dApp development.

How does Blast API enhance Aptos development?

Blast API streamlines Aptos dApp development, offering reliable access to network resources and simplifying complex blockchain interactions.

What types of projects can thrive on Aptos?

Aptos is ideal for diverse projects, especially high-frequency trading, sophisticated DeFi applications, and expansive dApp ecosystems.

What are the advantages of Aptos' consensus protocol?

Aptos' consensus protocol ensures high transaction throughput and robust security, making it suitable for large-scale dApp deployments.

Where to find resources for Aptos development with Blast?

Getting started with developing on Aptos by using Blast APIs is straightforward. You can follow the instructions in our documentation.

Blast Resources for Aptos Developers

Getting started with developing on Aptos by using Blast APIs is straightforward. You can follow the instructions in our documentation to set up your development environment and start building.

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