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Aptos is a new L1 project that aims to be one of the safest and most scalable blockchains in the industry.

Designed with scalability, safety, reliability and upgradeability as key principles, Aptos has been envisioned by former Meta employees trying to provide decentralization and permissionless access in an affordable and secure way for billions of internet users

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Aptos Mainnet

Aptos Mainnet serves as the primary blockchain layer for executing transactions and running decentralized applications, focusing on enhanced scalability and security features for developers.






Get the latest ledger information, including data such as chain ID, role type, ledger versions, epoch, etc.

/v1 response

Get the latest ledger information, including data such as chain ID, role type, ledger versions, epoch, etc.


Chain ID of the current chain


Current epoch of the chain


Current ledger version of the chain


Oldest non-pruned ledger version of the chain


Current timestamp of the chain


Git hash of the build of the API endpoint. Can be used to determine the exact software version used by the API endpoint


curl -X GET \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
Average API calls/sec15.21
Average API calls/day1,313,977
API calls last 24h2,055,359

No Data

No API calls made yet

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