zkSync Endpoints Now Available in Blast

zkSync Endpoints Now Available in Blast

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zkSync is a Layer 2 protocol, designed to scale and enhance privacy on the Ethereum ecosystem. Additionally, it offers low-cost ETH and ERC20 token transfers, as well as features such as atomic swaps, limit orders, and integrated support for Layer 2 (L2) non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

The network operates on a zk-Rollup architecture. zk-Rollups are off-chain scaling protocols that combine several transactions into batches to execute off the main chain. Each Rollup block produces a state transition zero-knowledge proof (SNARK) that is confirmed by the main chain contract. This proof confirms the legitimacy of every transaction in the Rollup block. Moreover, updates to the public data for each block are disseminated across the mainchain in a cost-efficient manner using calldata.

The zk-Rollup architecture ensures several key benefits:

  • Rollup validators are unable to alter the state or misappropriate funds, setting it apart from Sidechains.
  • Users have the ability to recover their funds from the Rollup regardless of the validators’ cooperation, thanks to the availability of data, a feature missing in Plasma.
  • With the implementation of validity proofs, there’s no need for users or any other trusted entity to constantly monitor the Rollup blocks to detect fraud.

zkSync’s goal is to accelerate widespread crypto adoption to enhance individual autonomy. The protocol leverages a sophisticated zk-rollup design, incorporating an LLVM-based Solidity compiler, its own acclaimed GPU prover, and the forthcoming Redshift proof system developed by Matter Labs. This technology is designed to drastically lower the cost of an average transaction to just a small fraction of a cent.

The architecture of zkSync supports unlimited computational capacity in each block, paving the way for a new breed of dApps capable of processing far more data on-chain than was previously feasible. By restricting publications to final storage state updates, zkSync maximizes the benefits of cost-effective computation. This enables a range of enhancements, such as more frequent oracle updates, more economical transactions involving extensive input data, and substantially reduced costs for verifying zk-proofs.

Blast Integrates zkSync

Builders on zkSync can now securely access the network through Blast. Blast’s intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation make it easy for developers to swiftly set up custom API endpoints for both the zkSync Mainnet and Testnet. The platform allows for efficient management of multiple projects, offering high processing capabilities, rapid response times, and dependable performance. Embracing decentralization, Blast leverages the resources of dozens of node operators that participate in its protocol as Node Providers increasing availability through a highly distributed network secured by its own protocol. 

Blast offers specialized APIs that can be customized to suit particular project needs, in addition to a public API option. It supports both the zkSync Mainnet and Mantle Testnet, providing versatile solutions for developers.

Everything you need to start #BUIDLing on zkSync using Blast

Chain ID: 324

Currency: ETH

Block Explorer: https://explorer.zksync.io

RPC URL: https://blastapi.io/public-api/zksync

zkSync Documentation: https://docs.zksync.io/dev/ 

Public RPC Endpoints: https://blastapi.io/public-api/zksync 

Dedicated endpoints: https://blastapi.io/login?app=consumer 

How to obtain dedicated zkSync APIs in Blast

  • Go to blastapi.io
  • Press on Get endpoint or Connect.
  • Connect with your MetaMask wallet or with Wallet Connect
  • Sign the message prompted by your wallet provider
  • Create a project to be able to generate APIs or use one of the projects you have already built
  • Inside the project space, go to Available endpoints and activate zkSync to obtain the APIs
  • zkSync Network APIs, both Mainnet and Testnet have been activated!

Once activated, you will be able to simply add the zkSync Network Mainnet and Testnet APIs in MetaMask, by clicking the button Add to Metamask on the zkSync Network API dedicated page.

In addition, for those actively contributing as builders on zkSync, there’s an exclusive opportunity to access supplementary resources through Blast, along with free Developer and Start Up plans extending from the next three to six months. Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on these additional offerings designed to support your efforts on zkSync. Check out all the details and enroll here.

With the integration of zkSync Network, Blast now supports 53 networks and 28 chains, aiming to become a vehicle for boosting blockchain adoption and supporting Web3 builders from development to production, release, and beyond. The set of blockchain projects available within the Blast platform is carefully selected in order to support Web3 development efforts on the most relevant networks in the industry. For any builder who is ready to start their blockchain journey, the Bware Labs team of experts is available 24/7 via Discord support!

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