Use Blast's APIs to explore Avail's blockchain modularity

Avail reduces the barriers to entry on the blockchain with their modular methodology and empowers developers to build scalable dApps. Blast supports this mission by offering Avail builders resilient, reliable and distributed infrastructure services at the fastest response times.

Benefits of Avail

About Avail

Avail is a modular blockchain solution who started as an initiative under the name Polygon Avail. Avail connects different ecosystems by providing a modular, scalable, and interoperable platform. It allows modular execution layers to scale and interoperate by using the Avail's Unification Layer concept. This is a unifying tech stack that has the Data Availability (DA) layer at it's core, on top of that, the Nexus unification layer, and Fusion, an additive security layer.

Avail anchors the whole Web3 ecosystem with a scalable, cutting edge data availability layer, ensuring immediate and reliable data availability, and enabling rollups to grow, connect, stay secure, and adjust. Integrating with Avail enhances transaction processing by keeping data off-chain while ensuring its availability and validity.

Free Public API for Avail

Avail Turing Testnet is the latest test network of the Avail Project, following Goldberg Testnet. It provides a robust testing environment for modular blockchain dApps.

Public RPC Endpoint

Public WSS Endpoint

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Blast Features for Avail Builders

Core API

Blast custom APIs offer optimized throughput and reduced latency for transactions on Avail and enable access to real-time data, transaction history and network status.

Included with all plans

Archive Nodes

These nodes retain all historical transaction information on the Avail blockchain from the genesis block to the present, enabling users to query and retrieve any past information. Archive Nodes is enabled starting with the Developer plan.

Included with Developer, Startup, Enterprise & Pay As You Go plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Blast on Avail Turing Testnet?

Just go to Launch App, connect your wallet and get direct access to dedicated endpoints that you can organize into projects depending on your development needs.

Where can I find resources to start building on Avail?

Getting started with developing on Avail Testnet by using Blast APIs is straightforward. You can follow the instructions in our documentation.

Where do I get support if my Blast APIs are not working on Avail Testnet?

The Bware Labs team is available 24/7 via Discord for support! Just join our server and write down your questions in the Technical Support channel.

Blast Resources for Avail Developers

Getting started with developing on oAvail by using Blast APIs is straightforward. You can follow the instructions in our documentation to set up your development environment and start building.

Core API Documentation

Avail Articles

Avail Turing Endpoints Are Available in Blast from Day 1

Avail Turing Endpoints Are Available in Blast from Day 1

Avail just announced that they are deprecating and decommissioning the Goldberg testnet and starting with May 24th they are transitioning to Turing Testnet, which is intended to serve as a medium to assess Mainnet readiness. Turing endpoints are available in Blast from the first day of the testnet launch to support Avail and their builders in the journey to the Mainnet launch.

Blast Team

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