Webinar – Blockchain Data Availability: Challenges and Solutions

Webinar – Blockchain Data Availability: Challenges and Solutions

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with Erik Ashdown, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Covalent & Dmitry Zhelezov, Co-founder at Subsquid.io

Dive deep into the future of blockchain data availability and industry dynamics and gain valuable perspectives on the evolving challenges and promising opportunities that await in this ever-evolving ecosystem. Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast or an industry insider, this conversation offers a comprehensive exploration of the forces shaping the future of decentralized technologies, covering topics such as the convergence of Web3 and Web2 technologies, the surging of NFT adoption, the innovative concept of token gating, and the transformative potential of reimagined blockchain education. 

Join this thought-provoking conversation between Erik Ashdown, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Covalent, and Dmitry Zhelezov, Co-founder at Subsquid.io, moderated by Radu Enoiu – Co-founder and Head of Product at Bware Labs.

The main talking points include:

  • strategies for blockchain data access and retrieval
  • the future of blockchain development based on data availability
  • trends and key elements for Web3 to become mainstream 

About the speakers:

Erik Ashdown, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Covalent

Erik Ashdown is the Head of Ecosystem Growth at Covalent, a prominent blockchain data provider. Leveraging his diverse background and extensive blockchain expertise, Erik plays a pivotal role in nurturing partnerships, driving engagement, and delivering tailored solutions for industry stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem. With a keen understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency markets, and DeFi, Erik’s insights and strategic vision contribute to shaping the industry’s direction and fostering innovation. Through conferences, discussions, and thought leadership, he actively educates and empowers the community, cementing his role as a key driver of blockchain adoption and advancement.

Dmitry Zhelezov, Co-founder at Subsquid.io

Dmitry Zhelezov is the Co-founder at Subsquid.io, where his technical expertise and visionary approach drive the project’s mission to transform blockchain data accessibility. With a strong background in blockchain technology, data analytics, and smart contracts, Dmitry is instrumental in bridging the gap between data providers and users. His commitment to advancing decentralized data utilization positions Subsquid.io as an innovative player in the blockchain data sphere, reshaping how data is accessed and utilized within the blockchain ecosystem.

Radu Enoiu, Co-founder and Head of Product @ Bware Labs

With over 10 years of experience in the engineering field, Radu has explored several product management and engineering roles, working for companies like Fitbit and Google. Currently, he leverages his tech expertise and contributes to providing Web3 builders with decentralized infrastructure and high API performance.

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