opBNB Endpoints Are Available in Blast

opBNB Endpoints Are Available in Blast

Blast Team

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opBNB endpoints are now available in Blast! Our reliable and distributed infrastructure services can amplify opBNB builders’ potential by providing immediate access to blockchain data, at the fastest response times. Whether you’re working on gaming dApps, decentralized exchanges, or digital collectibles, Blast is here to support you every step of the way.

What is opBNB?

opBNB is the Layer 2 network for the BNB Smart Chain, powered by the bedrock version of the Optimism OP Stack. By offloading transaction processing and resource consumption from the BNB Smart Chain while maintaining data records on the primary network, opBNB significantly enhances efficiency. This setup allows users to deposit and withdraw funds, deploy smart contracts, and access network data with improved throughput and reduced costs.

Benefits of opBNB:

High Throughput and Lower Fees: opBNB is engineered to achieve a capacity of 100 million gas per second while keeping gas fees under $0.001 on average for transfer transactions. 

Interoperability: Leveraging the resources of the OP Stack, opBNB can interoperate with other Layer 2 platforms like Optimism that support EVM and Solidity. This interoperability encourages collaboration within the ecosystem and sparks innovation, allowing developers to create more versatile and interconnected dApps.

EVM Compatibility: Developers working on any EVM-compatible chains can deploy the same application on opBNB and reap the benefits of Layer 2 scaling. This compatibility ensures that your dApps can scale efficiently without requiring significant changes to your existing codebase.

Overall, opBNB expands the capabilities of the BNB Smart Chain, making it possible to build large-scale Web3 dApps such as games, social platforms, and high-frequency trading systems that would be cost-prohibitive on L1s due to high transaction fees.

Blast APIs for opBNB Builders

Blast provides public and custom RPC endpoints that cater to the needs of opBNB builders, making it easier than ever to develop and deploy your applications. With Blast’s API services, BNB developers gain instant access to the opBNB network, enabling them to scale beyond the constraints of the BNB Smart Chain with higher throughput and lower fees.

Builders on opBNB can benefit from features and capabilities such as:

  • Core API: custom APIs that offer optimized throughput and reduced latency for transactions on opBNB and enable access to real-time data, transaction history, and network status.
  • Archive Nodes: These nodes retain all historical transaction information on the opBNB chain from the genesis block to the present, enabling users to query and retrieve any past information. 

Everything You Need to Start #BUIDLing on opBNB using Blast

Block Explorer: https://opbnbscan.com/

Public RPC Endpoints: https://blastapi.io/public-api/opbnb

Dedicated endpoints: https://blastapi.io/chains/opbnb

  • To obtain dedicated opBNB endpoints go to blastapi.io
  • Launch and select the Consumer App
  • Connect with your MetaMask, Wallet Connect, or your email
  • Create a new project or use one of your existing ones
  • Inside the project space, select the opBNB card and click Activate to generate your dedicated endpoints
  • opBNB APIs for both Mainnet and Testnet have been activated

Blast’s integration with opBNB ensures that you can leverage the full potential of Layer 2 scaling, providing a solid foundation for building innovative and scalable Web3 applications. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting, Blast’s infrastructure is designed to support and accelerate your journey in the blockchain space.

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