INFRA Delegation Program 2.0

INFRA Delegation Program 2.0

Blast Team

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As 2024 starts, we are kickstarting the second phase of the Blast Delegation Program, as well as some changes in the delegation conditions and rules going forward. In this article, you can find all the details required to participate and be eligible for a new Blast Foundation delegation.

New Rules

To keep your previously received delegation the commission threshold will need to be decreased from 35% to 20%. This new rule will apply to the ongoing delegations from Phase 1 and to the new delegation in Phase 2.

Moreover, to encourage more delegators and increase our operators’ potential for rewards, we are excited to announce that the APY soft cap per node will be increased from 50,000 INFRA to 80,000 INFRA.

Last but not least, as we closely monitor all node performance, some of the staking pools that received a delegation and are not performing well are susceptible to losing part or all of their foundation delegations.

The new rules will start being implemented starting February, 15th 2024.

Phase 2 Delegation eligibility

a. Skin in the game incentive

The Skin In the Game Incentive is designed to both encourage the creation of new staking pools as well as to reward those operators who have already created their staking pools using unlocked tokens.

If an operator performs a self-stake using liquid(unlocked) tokens, Bware Labs will delegate 7 times the self-staked amount up to 70000 INFRA. 

The minimum amount of the self-stake to be eligible for delegation will be 1500 INFRA.

b. Key Infrastructure Incentive

As Blast’s customer base is constantly growing, so does the demand for highly reliable infrastructure and increased availability. In order to provide our customers with the best possible service quality and to ensure a high level of resiliency, we will reward operators running nodes that require both higher technical skills as well as increased hardware requirements.

Running nodes on the following networks will ensure you an INFRA delegation as follows:

Chain | Type | Incentive
Ethereum – Archive – 35000 INFRA delegation
Polygon – Archive – 45000 INFRA delegation
BNB – Archive – 75000 INFRA delegation

c. Referral incentive

We recognize that Blast providers are professionals and entities with great involvement in the Web3 space, hence we want to leverage and reward their potential involvement in increasing the adoption of the Blast platform and protocol. 

Taking this into consideration, we want to encourage all operators to join the Blast Referral program here. To those who join the program, aside from the potential earnings resulting from the revenue share system, we will also delegate a fixed cap of 40000 INFRA that can be split between the operator’s staking pools as applicable. To qualify for the delegation, the users referred by the operators will need to acquire a Developer, Startup, or Enterprise subscription plan.

d. Ecosystem involvement

Last but not least, we want to reward all those operators who demonstrate their involvement with the ecosystem by being active on the Bware Labs/Blast social media, by providing support and/or guidance on the Bware Labs official Discord server to newly joined operators, participating in technical discussions, submitting feedback, change requests, or new ideas that can improve the quality and user experience of the Blast platform.

How to apply

If you consider you are eligible for Blast Delegation Program 2.0, please apply here.

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