Everything You Need to Know About HOLEŠKY

Everything You Need to Know About HOLEŠKY

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Let’s take a deep dive into Etherum’s Holešky Testnet, a new dawn for development and testing!

On Thursday, September 28, developers launched a new testnet for Ethereum called Holešky to allow for more rigorous testing of network upgrades. As Holesky prepares to take over from Goerli as the primary Ethereum testnet, we delve into the specifics of Holešky and explore the enhancements it offers over its forerunner.

A Brief History of Ethereum Testnets

Ethereum Sandboxes Testnets (abbreviated from a “test network”) are used by devs to safely test protocol upgrades and smart contracts before deploying them on the main network. They provide a safe environment for testing with conditions that replicate those of the live network. 

In the fall of 2022, Ethereum’s Merge led to the retirement of several testnets. The brief lead time of just a few weeks sparked displeasure among app developers and infrastructure service providers.

Post-merge, only two testnets were left standing:

  • Sepolia, catering to developers for testing contracts and applications.
  • Goerli, tailored for protocol developers to assess network upgrades and for stakers to trial validator operations.

To prevent disruptions like the abrupt notice before the Merge, Ethereum developers unveiled the Predictable Ethereum Testnet Lifecycle. This mandates the launch of a new Testnet every two years and caps the lifespan of any Testnet at five years. 

As per the plan, Goerli transitioned to the long-term support phase in the first quarter of 2023. Following its end-of-life date, slated for the fourth quarter of this year, client teams will cease to provide support. Consequently, a new testnet is anticipated to be rolled out by the close of 2023 in readiness for the discontinuation of Goerli.

Holešky: The NameWar and the New Stuff

Holešky represents more than just a new testnet; it is a significant evolution, being the first enduring, merged-from-the-beginning, public Ethereum testnet.

The Holešky network derives its name from Nádraží Holešovice, a railway station in Prague, Czech Republic. In a similar vein, Goerli was christened after the Goerlitzer Bahnhof station in Berlin, colloquially known as “Goerli” by locals. 

However, the moniker “Holešky” doesn’t straightforwardly abbreviate Holešovice, nor does it adopt its name as intuitively as Goerli does. Initially, the name “Holli” was considered, but it didn’t resonate well with the Czech Ethereum community. This is because Holešovice is not just a mere railway station but a district steeped in a rich history that traces back to the 12th century.

Holešky has taken over from Goerli as the go-to testnet for staking, infrastructure, and protocol development. Meanwhile, Sepolia serves as the testing ground for decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts, and other functionalities of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Designed to succeed Goerli, Holešky opens its doors to public validators. This innovative testnet is particularly beneficial for node operators and Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) initiatives, offering a public platform for their testing needs.

The purpose of Holešky is to accommodate a minimum of 1.4 million validators. This figure surpasses the combined total of validators currently on Ethereum’s mainnet (700,000) and Goerli (512,000). By addressing the goETH supply issues and hosting a larger validator group, the network aims to offer developers and infrastructure providers a setting that mirrors real-world network conditions more closely.

The testnet is actively engaging potential validators. Similar to how individuals stake ETH to serve as validators on Ethereum, they can stake Holešky ETH to validate on this emerging network.

Bware Labs Support for Holešky Builders

With the launch of the Holešky, Bware Labs has committed to fully supporting Ethereum builders as this new playground is released. As a developer-centric company, our main focus is to become blockchain’s next public cloud, enabling all tools for innovative building.

We have recently integrated Ethereum Holešky within Blast. Ethereum Builders can now use Blast for easier access and more reliable testing on the Holešky Testnet. Check out the Public API page as well as the documentation here

Moreover, we have added a new Bware Labs Faucet for Holešky. To receive your test tokens, enter your wallet address in the provided box and click “Claim” – it’s really that easy! You can claim extra by sending a tweet or by connecting your GitHub account! 

Claim your free tokens right here!

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