Blast and Covalent Combining APIs for Unified Web3 Data Access

Blast and Covalent Combining APIs for Unified Web3 Data Access

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The blockchain revolution has brought about incredible innovation, with decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts transforming industries. However, accessing deep, granular, and historical blockchain data has often been a challenge. Blast API and Covalent have partnered to bring together their strengths and provide builders with unparalleled visibility into billions of Web3 data points.

Bware Labs is a one-stop shop solution provider for boosting blockchain adoption. The goal of the company is to create a development and infrastructure ecosystem that can support Web3 builders throughout their entire Web3 journey. Blast, Bware Labs’ flagship product, has gained recognition for its exceptional reliability, performance, and speed, combined with a state-of-the-art decentralized blockchain API platform. By offering easy blockchain access through RPC, REST, and WebSocket interfaces, Blast has simplified the process of accessing blockchain data.

Covalent is the first decentralized network for comprehensive blockchain data, addressing this issue with its industry-leading Unified API. Covalent’s Unified API has become the go-to solution for developers building multi-chain applications, such as crypto wallets, NFT galleries, and investor dashboard tools. Their mission is to ensure that timely and accurate blockchain data is accessible to empower the next wave of decentralized applications. Blast’s decentralized architecture, which is supported by a network of node providers, is thus aligning with Covalent’s decentralized ethos.

The partnership between Blast and Covalent brings numerous benefits to developers and the broader blockchain community. By utilizing Blast API to retrieve data from Covalent’s Unified API, developers can leverage the strengths of both providers. This means enhanced speed, reliability, and access to historical data, providing a comprehensive solution for developers’ data needs.

Builders can start benefiting from the Blast and Covalent partnership by formulating API requests to retrieve the desired data from the Covalent network. Whether it’s fetching account balances, transaction history, or token information, developers can leverage Blast API’s platform to forward requests to Covalent’s comprehensive data offerings.

With the integration of Covalent credits through Blast API, builders can now easily make the most from the expertise of two industry-leading products. By combining the strengths of Blast and Covalent, they gain access to comprehensive blockchain data and advanced functionality, providing them with unparalleled capabilities for their projects. With Blast API becoming the exclusive platform where users can directly purchase Covalent credits on-chain, builders will pay only for the credits they consume. This flexibility allows them to utilize credits according to their specific needs, tailoring their usage and optimizing their resource allocation.

On top of that, Covalent’s read APIs, which include the highly sought-after premium APIs, is readily available on every EVM chain supported by Blast. With a rate of 50 requests per second, a dramatic increase from the 4 requests per second made possible with the protocol’s initial offering, this creates a superior developer experience for all supported chains, making it easier for developers to leverage the combined capabilities of Blast and Covalent.

Another notable benefit for everyone building with Blast and Covalent is that acquiring the plan from the Blast platform makes it possible to pay with crypto in stable coins, simplifying the payment process, and allowing users to better budget their infrastructure costs while optimizing their operations.

The collaboration between Blast API and Covalent marks an important milestone in the blockchain industry, consolidating all of the essential APIs in one place, simplifying the development process, and saving time and effort for developers. As the blockchain revolution continues to unfold, Blast API and Covalent are at the forefront, empowering developers and driving innovation in the decentralized landscape.

How to get your Covalent Premium Pack

  1. Go to, press on Connect.
  2. If you have never used Blast before connect with your Metamask wallet or Wallet Connect and you will be redirected to the Dashboard.
  3. Go to My Plan and click on Marketplace.

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