Boost your productivity and get easier access to blockchain using Blast SDK

Blast SDK is designed to offer builders an improved development experience and more efficient blockchain interactions by eliminating some of the hurdle involved in using blockchain endpoints via Blast


// Installation: npm install @bwarelabs/blast-sdk-js

import { Blast, BlastNetwork, BlastSubscriptionPlan } from "@bwarelabs/blast-sdk-js";

// Setup the Blast SDK

const blast = new Blast({

     projectId: 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID',

     network: BlastNetwork.ETH_MAINNET,

     rateLimit: BlastSubscriptionPlan.Free


// Get gas price

const gasPrice = await blast.apiProvider.eth.getGasPrice();

// Get the latest block

const latestBlock = await blast.apiProvider.eth.eth_blockNumber();

An improved Web3.js to boost your development

Multi-chain support

Blast SDK can be safely used for any EVM compatible chain available in Blast making your cross-chain experience easier than ever before!

Automatic request back-off

No service degradation due to request rate-limiting thanks to the built-in request back-off mechanism.

High performance throughput and reliability

Benefit from best-in-class infrastructure services with unmatched response times as all your requests will go through Blast, the fastest and one of the most reliable API platforms in WEB 3.

Kickstart your development journey with Blast

Some of the best infrastructure and tooling services in the Web3 space, designed by developers for developers.

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