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Get test tokens for the Ontology EVM Testnet through our Ontology EVM Testnet Faucet! You can claim 20 ONG & 20 WONT testnet tokens each day with no registration required. Need more? Unlock extra test tokens through a simple tweet.

How to claim your ONG & WONT testnet tokens daily

Enter your wallet address in the designated box below and hit the “Claim“ button. Once you've claimed the first distribution of tokens, you will be able to claim again by tweeting with our template and pasting the tweet's URL in the second box. Happy testing!


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Ontology Testnet Faucet is undergoing maintenance, please try again later.

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What is a testnet faucet?

The testnet faucet is a powerful development tool that provides blockchain developers with a small daily test token distribution, enabling them to test and experiment with smart contracts on testnets, before deploying them to the mainnets. The Ontology EVM Testnet Faucet is a tool designed to provide users with a quantity of tokens for experimentation and testing on the Ontology EVM Testnet. By entering their wallet address and initiating a claim, users can receive a small amount of tokens from the faucet every 24 hours.

What is the Ontology EVM Testnet?

Ontology (ONT) is an advanced, proof-of-stake blockchain platform that establishes decentralized trust infrastructures for a diverse spectrum of industries and business applications. The Ontology EVM testnet is Ontology's testing ground that seamlessly integrates with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts and node call methods, enabling developers to utilize EVM development tools like Truffle, Remix, and Web3.js directly on the Testnet for seamless dApp deployment.

What are testnet tokens?

Testnet tokens are virtual tokens that are used on testnets, which are experimental blockchain networks. Testnet tokens allow developers to test new features and functionality before deploying them to the main blockchain. These tokens have no real-world value and cannot be used on the main blockchain.

How does this work on Blast?

Blast provides infrastructure support and development tools for a diverse range of over 60 blockchain networks. To facilitate seamless testing and development workflows, we have established strategic partnerships with key blockchain networks, enabling developers to receive a daily allocation of tokens for testing purposes. Find out more about Blast!

What is the daily total allocation?

The daily total allocation serves as a limit on the number of tokens that can be claimed by all users within a 24-hour period, and once that limit is reached, the faucet will stop dripping tokens. If the daily total allocation is filled, users will not be able to claim additional testnet tokens until the next 24-hour cycle begins.

Why is the faucet not working?

The faucet might not be available temporarily, either due to maintenance work or lack of funds. If you checked and your wallet address is correct, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact us on Discord or through the Contact form.

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