Ethereum Holesky Testnet Faucet

Daily token allocation:15
Tokens claimed:4.675
Tokens left:10.325

Claim testnet tokens for Ethereum Holesky Testnet through our Ethereum Holesky Testnet Faucet! You can claim 0.025 ETH Holesky each day with no registration required. Need more? Unlock extra test tokens through a simple tweet.

How to claim your ETH Holesky tokens daily

Enter your wallet address in the designated box below and hit the “Claim“ button. Once you've claimed the first distribution of tokens, you will be able to claim again by tweeting with our template and pasting the tweet's URL in the second box. Happy testing!


Get your tokens!

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Get your extra tokens!

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Get your Ethereum Holesky Testnet Public API

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12,000,000 API Calls/month
40 API Calls/second
1 Project
24/7 Discord Support


20,000,000 API Calls/month
100 API Calls/second
3 Projects
24/7 Discord Support


80,000,000 API Calls/month
400 API Calls/second
10 Projects
24/7 Discord Support

Most powerful

Custom API Limits
Unlimited Projects
Dedicated Account Manager
Direct Customer Support

You pay for what you use

Unlimited API Calls
Unlimited Projects
Dedicated Account Manager
Direct Customer Support


What is the Ethereum Holesky Testnet Faucet?

The Ethereum Holesky Testnet Faucet is a blockchain development tool that allows developers to easily acquire ETH Holesky tokens for testing and experimenting on the Holesky Testnet. By entering a wallet address and initiating a claim, users can receive a small amount of ETH Holesky daily.

What is the Holesky Testnet?

The Holesky Testnet is Ethereum's advanced testing ground for staking, infrastructure, and protocol development. Security is a top priority for Holesky, incorporating cutting-edge measures like upgraded consensus algorithms and advanced cryptographic techniques to fortify the network against potential threats. As Ethereum's latest public testnet emerging from the genesis, the Holesky Testnet is designed for compatibility with other blockchains, it promotes interoperability and enables seamless collaboration with other networks, to ultimately enhance Ethereum's utility.

How does this work on Blast?

Blast provides infrastructure support and development tools for a diverse range of over 60 blockchain networks. To facilitate seamless testing and development workflows, we have established strategic partnerships with key blockchain networks, enabling developers to receive a daily allocation of tokens for testing purposes. Find out more about Blast!

What is the daily total allocation?

To ensure fair distribution and prevent token depletion, our ETH Holesky faucet has a daily total allocation limit. Once this limit is reached, the ETH Holesky faucet will pause dispensing tokens until the next 24-hour period begins.

Why is the faucet not working?

The faucet might not be available temporarily, either due to maintenance work or lack of funds. If you checked and your wallet address is correct, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact us on Discord or through the Contact form.

I have some suggestions, how can I share them with you?

We're always happy to receive input and enhance our services and products according to the needs of our users. Please tell us more about how we can optimize for your needs in the Contact section.

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