Fast transaction speed, low minting costs for Web3 creators

Blast offers a complex suite of APIs and development tools for the Palm network, a fully Ethereum compatible blockchain that enables artists and creators to mint NFTs sustainably, while maintaining low gas fees and fast transaction execution.

Benefits of Palm

About Palm

Palm is a fully Ethereum-compatible sidechain powered by the IBFT 2.0 Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, offering exceptional transaction speed, low gas fees, and energy efficiency. Its automated bridge relay service seamlessly connects payment tokens and NFTs between Ethereum and Palm, fostering a thriving ecosystem for creators and artists.

The network's full EVM compatibility ensures that smart contracts written for Ethereum can be deployed and executed on Palm with minimal modifications, making it a frictionless transition for Ethereum developers. Palm's PoA consensus mechanism enables it to handle a significantly higher volume of transactions than Ethereum, ensuring that NFT applications can scale to meet growing demand.

Palm caters to the growing NFT market, providing a dedicated platform for NFT transactions and fostering a thriving community of creators and collectors.The sidechain has witnessed a remarkable adoption since launch, with over 3 million NFTs minted, over 1 million wallet addresses created and over 4 million transactions processed to date.

Palm's combination of scalability, energy efficiency, and Ethereum compatibility positions it as a compelling platform for building decentralized applications and empowering creators to mint NFTs with ease.

To get your application listed on the Palm network, you will need to submit an application to the Palm team. The Palm team will review your application and provide you with feedback. If your application is approved, it will be listed on the Palm website and included in the Palm Explorer.

Palm is a relatively new blockchain network, so there is still a lot of potential for growth and innovation. Being backed by a strong team of experienced developers and a vibrant community of users, as the demand for eco-conscious NFT solutions grows, Palm is well-positioned to become a leading force in the NFT space.

Free Public API for Palm