Ramping up Web3 scalability, security, and low-cost transactions

Blast offers a full suite of REST APIs and various dev tools for MultiversX, the blockchain that effectively merges Adaptive State Sharding technology with a unique Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism, to achieve one of the highest throughputs currently available in the blockchain industry.

Benefits of MultiversX

About MultiversX

MultiversX aims to eliminate the scalability limitations experienced with traditional blockchains. Its Adaptive State Sharding technology provides an efficient alternative to transaction processing, being capable of handling over 100,000 transactions per second without compromising security or decentralization. This enables Web3 developers to build dApps that can be used by a vast global audience without encountering performance bottlenecks.

By solving some of the hardest consensus and sharding problems in the blockchain space, MultiversX aims to provide a high level of performance on a network made of inexpensive computers, resulting in lower transaction costs, to a mere $0.001.

MultiversX safeguards its network with the Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism, a robust protocol that outperforms traditional Proof of Work (PoW) mechanisms in terms of security and energy efficiency. This commitment to security is maintainend by leveraging a network of over 3,200 nodes distributed globally, with the purpose of ensuring resistance to censorship and manipulation.

The blockchain caters to a wide spectrum of use cases. Its versatility enables developers to explore decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enterprise applications, and beyond.

MultiversX encourages and facilitates the development of a generation of decentralized applications on a platform focused on scalability, security and sustainability. Moreover, MultiversX provides a comprehensive suite of Web3 developer tools that make the development process easier and faster. Its intuitive interface and extensive documentation empower Web3 developers of all skill levels to transform their ideas into reality. Moreover, a vibrant and supportive community stands ready to assist every step of the way.

The unique architecture of MultiversX provides a sustainable alternative to traditional blockchains by bringing together important blokckchain development factors such as, scalability, affordability, and developer experience.

Free Public API for MultiversX

MultiversX Mainnet Gateway

The MultiversX Mainnet serves as the primary public network for deploying and executing production-ready blockchain applications and where real-world transactions occur.

Public Gateway Endpoint

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Blast Features for MultiversX Builders

Multivers X API

Fast, highly-performant, dedicated endpoints to connect, interact and exchange data on MultiversX. The MultiversX API also provides access to historical Elasticsearch queries as well as cached data.

Included with all plans


Real-time block event notifications through RabbitMQ or push notifications via websocket to subscribers.

Included with all plans

Gateway API

The MultiversX REST API that manages and provides data about the routing of all requests according to the sharding mechanism.

Included with all plans

Archive Nodes

These nodes retain all historical transaction information from the genesis block to the present, enabling users to query and retrieve any past information, even if it's not currently relevant to the network's current state.

Included with Developer, Startup, Enterprise & Pay As You Go plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What programming languages can I use to develop projects on MultiversX?

The main programming language recommended is Rust. Tools like Hardhat and Remix are compatible with the blockchain.

What are some of the potential use-cases for MultiversX chain?

There are a wide range of potential use cases for dApps on MultiversX, such as DeFi, NFT, Gaming projects, and enterprise applications.

How can I get extra resources on my APIs for MultiversX?

You can get in touch with our BD team and ask for a customised plan. You can also check out the Developer Grants available on the Blast blog and see if you find something that can apply to your project.

How can I use Blast to upload my project on MultiversX?

You can use Blast to connect to MultiversX you just need to go to Launch App, connect your wallet and get direct access to dedicated endpoints that you can organize into projects depending on your development needs.

Where do I get support if my Blast APIs are not working?

The Bware Labs support team is available 24/7 via Discord! Just join our server and write down your questions in the Technical Support channel.

Keep exploring the MultiversX ecosystem

Learn more about the ecosystem built on MultiversX, how you can easily connect and interact with the blockchain using Blast, and how to build successful Web3 projects using the MultiversX technology.

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