Improved speed and cost savings with Metis on Ethereum L2

Building Web3 dApps on Metis is easier with Blast! Blast's RPC endpoints enable developers to prototype, deploy, and scale projects with fast response times and low prices.

Benefits of Metis

About Metis

Metis is an L2 scaling solution that uses optimistic rollup technology to enable the Ethereum blockchain builders to handle increased transaction volumes more securely, and efficiently.
Metis also supports an EVM-compatible virtual machine called the Metis Virtual Machine (MVM).

In addition to its Layer-2 scaling technology, Metis offers additional solutions such as:
- An NFT bridge and storage solution that enables users to transfer NFTs between the Ethereum blockchain and the Metis Andromeda network. If a user mints an NFT on Ethereum and sends it to Metis, the network protocol offers NFT storage.
- A framework for DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Companies), designed to offer support for governance problems, internal management, or incentives.
- A middleware platform called Polis that records transaction history.

All of these solutions function on top of Metis' Andromeda (its own blockchain framework), which the chain uses to enable access to the Ethereum network.
Metis offers a decentralized framework, ensuring that power and control are distributed across its network, enhancing trust and security. The platform's approach to ecosystem governance involves its community, allowing stakeholders to have a say in its development and evolution.
Metis is also notable for its user-friendly approach, offering simple integration processes that lower the barrier to entry for developers and businesses.

Free Public API for Metis

Metis Mainnet is the fully developed and deployed blockchain protocol where transactions are being broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger technology.

Public RPC Endpoint

Public WSS Endpoint





Returns the number of the most recent block

eth_blockNumber response

Returns the number of the most recent block


An integer value of the current block number the client is on


curl -X POST \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":0,"method":"eth_blockNumber"}'
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Blast Features for Metis Developers

Core API

Blast custom APIs offer optimized throughput and reduced latency for transactions on Metis and enable access to real-time data, transaction history and network status.

Included with all plans

Archive Nodes

These nodes retain all historical transaction information on the Metis blockchain from the genesis block to the present, enabling users to query and retrieve any past information. Archive Nodes is enabled starting with the Developer plan.

Included with Developer, Startup, Enterprise & Pay As You Go plans

Trace API

This API provides detailed information about specific transactions on Metis, including their origins, destinations, intermediate steps, and associated data. Trace API is enabled starting with the Developer plan.

Included with Developer, Startup, Enterprise & Pay As You Go plans

Debug API

The Debug API gives Metis developers access to several non-standard RPC methods, which will allow them to inspect, debug and set certain debugging flags during runtime.

Included with Developer, Startup, Enterprise & Pay As You Go plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What projects can benefit from the Metis ecosystem?

The Metis ecosystem offers a diverse landscape of opportunities for various types of projects and users, such as: DeFis, DACs, Decentralized Launchpads, Blockchain Communities, Crypto Wallets, NFTs and Social platforms.

What is Metis and what is it used for?

Metis is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution that tackles Ethereum's major challenges in transaction speed, cost, and scalability. It empowers Web3 developers to master Ethereum L2 and leverage advanced blockchain technologies.

What is Blast?

Blast is a decentralized API provider platform focused on performance and reliability. The platform enables users' instant access to the blockchain after just a few steps, using stable coin payments, while at the same time using third-party node providers distributed all over the globe in order to ensure unmatched response times in the Web3 space as well as increased reliability.

How can I use Blast on Metis?

Just go to Launch App, connect your wallet and get direct access to dedicated endpoints that you can organize into projects depending on your development needs.

Where do I get support if my Blast APIs are not working on Metis?

The Bware Labs team is available 24/7 via Discord for support! Just join our server and write down your questions in the Technical Support channel.

Blast Resources for Metis Developers

Getting started with developing on Metis by using Blast APIs is straightforward. You can follow the instructions in our documentation to set up your development environment and start building.

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