Subsquid: extracting high volumes of historical on-chain data, powered by Blast

About Subsquid

Subsquid is a toolkit for efficiently accessing blockchain data and building custom indexers. Our customers build 'squid' indexers which present data as GraphQL APIs 'out-of-the-box' or which can go to custom targets such as CSV files or Google Big Query.

Subsquid is used to build powerful data-powered features into dApps and other blockchain-facing applications, as well as to do analytics and complete business intelligence tasks.

Key Stats

  • 20 EVM Networks
  • All Polkadot Ecosystem chains
  • 100 Chains
  • 1000 Developers

Issues faced prior to the Blast partnership

A high-performance indexer, such as Subsquid, needs to access hundreds or thousands of nodes to maintain an accurate index. Constantly keeping data up to date with the blockchain requires a lot of requests per day (currently 2M+ for Subsquid).

This can skyrocket the cost of maintaining the data lakes or so-called archives. Before using Blast we had a series of experiences with unreliable node providers with a complete lack of customer support and inadequate pricing.

Most valuable aspects of the Blast partnership

Blast ensures that the resources required to maintain an accurate index are accessible at a manageable cost, providing reliable service to users while keeping profitability in mind.

One last thing to mention is Blast's customer service which has played a key role in the development of Subsquid.

Customer Service
Straightforward Billing

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