RedStone: Modular Oracles tailored to your dApp

About RedStone

RedStone is an Oracle that delivers frequently updated, reliable, and diverse data feeds for your dApp and smart contracts on multiple L1s & L2s. RedStone aims to address the challenges encountered by blockchain projects by providing adaptable and cost-effective oracle services. RedStone introduces a distinctively designed Oracle system tailored for the demands of contemporary DeFi protocols.

Key Stats

  • 1100+ Assets
  • 100+ Data Sources
  • Available on 40+ L1/L2s
  • 3 Data Consumption Models
  • <10s Update Time

Issues faced before Blast partnership

We needed a solution that could consistently deliver accurate data with minimal downtime, given the critical role we play in delivering data at the high-frequency and inherited security of the destination chain. It was crucial for us to ensure that the data we provide is always up-to-date. This demanded a solution capable of maintaining real-time synchronization for our RPCs to avoid the risk of delivering outdated prices.

Most valuable aspects of the Blast partnership

Our journey with Blast is ongoing and we anticipate it will continue into the future. Their robust and reliable solution plays a crucial role in our current operations, enabling us to provide the high-quality, real-time data that our users depend on.

As an oracle in the web3 ecosystem, the reliability of our service is of utmost importance. Given the high volume of data requests we process, we required a robust infrastructure that could scale seamlessly. This included the ability to handle an unlimited number of requests and maintain high throughput even during peak usage times. This was vital to our ability to accommodate the growing demand for our services and maintain our service quality.

These were the major technology requirements that guided our search for a solution and ultimately led us to our partnership with Blast. Looking ahead, as we continue to evolve and scale our services, we see Blast as an integral partner. Their capabilities will be instrumental in supporting our growth, ensuring we can meet increasing demand, and continue delivering the reliable, up-to-date information our users need.

High Throughput
Low Latency
Multichain Support
Scalable Infrastructure

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